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Social Hall

The Hepburn Township Volunteer Fire Company is proud to serve our community with a variety of essential services, including firefighting, emergency medical services, and more. We also offer the social hall for rent, providing a spacious venue for your next gathering or event. Fill out the form to reserve the hall today!

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Description of some types of events that can be held.


Rent the Hall

Choose a time
Choose a time

The Renter agrees to pay to the Fire Company by cash or check for the use of the Social Hall the amount of $450 as follows:

  • A non-refundable reservation of $50 must be paid at the time of the reservation AND signing of this contract.

  • $300 rental fee and $100 security fee (for a total of $400) must be paid in full at least THIRTY DAYS prior to the purposed rental date.


Requests to cancel the rental date must be made in writing and received by the Fire Company representative at least 35 days prior to the proposed event. Any monies paid to the Fire Company above the non-refundable reservation fee will be refunded upon proper notification of the cancellation and clearance of renter’s checks.

After the event, the security fee of $100 will be refunded once the condition and repair of the Social Hall premises, contents and exterior grounds are determined to be in good repair and condition by the Fire Company representative and after all checks issued to the Hepburn Township Volunteer Fire Company have cleared the bank.

An NSF fee of $40 plus any bank fees will be imposed for any check returned to the Fire Company.

If the renter needs additional time, in addition to the date of the rental, to decorate the Social Hall, this may be completed the day prior to the event. The renter is permitted to decorate the Social Hall for a time not to exceed 4 hours and not to extend beyond 10:00pm. This additional time is granted ONLY for decorating, not to party. Violation or abuse of this privilege shall result in immediate expulsion from the premises and forfeiture of the $100 security fee.

A Fire Company representative shall make status checks of the event and his/her discretion. Under no circumstances shall the rental extend beyond 12 midnight of the lease date. All music must end by 11:00pm. The Social Hall must be cleaned, all doors secured and locked and the premises vacated by 12 midnight.

The Renter agrees to keep the premises, inside and outside, in a clean condition. The Renter agrees to remove all debris accumulated during the term of this agreement and place it in the dumpster at the eastern end of the building. Failure to meet this requirement means forfeiture of the security fee PLUS an additional cleaning fee of $100.

The Renter agrees:

  • To keep the premises in good repair and condition as they were at the beginning of this agreement, to the expiration of this lease.

  • Not to permit any UNLAWFUL business to be carried on upon the premises.

  • Not to permit anything to be done which is contrary to the conditions of the policies of the insurance which is on the premise.

  • Not to sublease the premises, nor assign this lease or any interest therein to any person or persons.

  • Not to remove any Social Hall or Fire Company property/equipment from the premises during the term of this lease. The Renter further agrees to pay for replacement/repair cost of any Social Hall or Fire Company property/equipment that may sustain damage or destruction during the set-up time, or the lease time granted to the Renter.

  • The Fire Company, at their discretion, may retain the security fee for the cost of such items of damage incurred, and/or may proceed with the law against the Renter for any balance due.  To restrict parking to the paved lot immediately in front of, and to the east of, the Social Hall structure. Parking in front of the apparatus bay doors is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

  • Children attending the event must be supervised and shall not be permitted to roam freely about the premises, inside or outside. Under NO circumstances shall any persons be allowed to the embankment at the rear of the complex.

  • This lease is granted to the Renter of the Social Hall ONLY. Access to the Fire Company meeting room or access to any other parts of the building are prohibited.

  • This lease does NOT grant the Renter access to the kitchen. The use of any kitchen equipment IN the Social Hall itself must be approved by the Fire Company representative (IE: coffee pots)       

  • The Renter will save, hold and keep the Fire Company safe, harmless and indemnified from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, penalties, judgements, court costs, attorneys fee, and liabilities of every kind and description for injury to and death of person and damages to and loss of property which were caused by, arise from, or grow out of the Renter's use or occupancy of the premises, and from any act of the Renter, its employees, agents, servants, partners, business visitors, invitees, and joint ventures, whether or not the person's injury, death, property damage, or property loss was caused in whole or in part by the actions, omissions, negligence or fault of the part of the Renter.

Upon surrender of said premises, the Fire Company representative will do an inspection of the Social Hall premises used for any damage. The exterior grounds will also be inspected for damage. If any damages are found or any of the terms of the lease have been broken or violated, the information will be brought to the attention of the Hepburn Township Volunteer Fire Company Executive Board where a decision will be made on further action.

If Renter wants to have use of the Fire Company kitchen there is an additional fee of $50. Only the following items from the kitchen may be used: Refrigerator, Freezer, sink for hand washing, sink for washing dishes. Use of the stove, ovens, dishwasher, microwave, etc. are not permissible.

Items Required

Coffee Maker Size

We will contact you once we have reviewed this application and you will be required to fax a signed form or come in to sign a form agreeing too all terms. 

Thank you for you application.

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